Data breaches happen every day, and the costs associated with a compromise of confidential data add up quickly and are a real business risk worth considering today. At Griffin, we represent several carriers, some with very innovative underwriting approaches, risk assessments, and ongoing risk management to help your clients protect against cyber risk.

Product Features
Can cover liability and first-party coverages
Limits can be combined, separate or provide specific sublimits
Cyber risk assessments available
Coverages available:

  • Network/Security Liability; coverage for claims arising from unauthorized access to data, failure to provide notification of a data breach where required by law
  • Media Liability; coverage for claims arising from copyright infringement, plagiarism, libel/slander in electronic content
  • Computer Fraud; coverage for loss of money, securities or other property due to computer virus or unauthorized access
  • Crisis Management Expenses; coverage for public relations services to mitigate negative publicity
  • Regulatory Defense Expenses; coverage for governmental claims made as a result of network, security, communications, and media liability
  • Systems Business Interruption; coverage for loss of income or expenses as a result of a computer system disruption caused by a virus or unauthorized computer attack, etc.

Why buy data breach insurance?
Hacking incidents are the most recognizable & expensive cause of data loss but are not the most common:

  • 40% are caused by people making mistakes, such as losing a laptop or flash drive
  • 36% are system glitches
  • 24% are malicious criminal attacks

Average cost of incident per customer is over $200. Costs may include:

  • Customer notification & support
  • Forensic research & data recovery
  • Credit monitoring
  • Legal fees
  • Public relations
  • Technology changes & staff education
  • Reward & extortion expenses
  • Replacing stolen funds or securities

Eligible Risks
Most businesses have the legal duty to notify clients or patients in the event of a data breach. High risk businesses include:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Insurance Agency
  • Educational Organization
  • Law Firm
  • Community Bank
  • Childcare
  • Hospitality

Umbrella / Excess

Family and daily activities result in lawsuit exposures every day; Personal Umbrella Insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind! 
We have three carriers with whom we place Personal Umbrella business. All are quality, A-rated carriers, and each have their own guidelines, appetites, and restrictions.

Our Products Feature:

  • Insured’s residence may include vacant land
  • Broad definition of bodily injury to include mental anguish

Preferred and Standard

  • Limits up to $10,000,000 for preferred
  • Excess UM/UIM available
  • No self-insured retention
  • Priced appropriately

Farm and Ranch Owners

  • Designed for family and gentleman farms with no commercial exposure
  • Limits up to $10,000,000 for preferred
  • Excess UM/UIM available
  • Farms up to 2,000 acres and 250 grazing animals/livestock
  • Farm operations may be conducted by insured or leased to a tenant

Why Personal Umbrella Insurance?

  • Insured’s assets are greater than their insurance liability
  • Insured hosts guests on their property
  • Insured owns watercraft or off-road vehicles
  • Insured owns rental properties

Eligible Risks
Named Insured:

  • Individuals
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • LLCs
  • Limited Partnerships

High Risk Households with:

  • DUIs
  • Multiple convictions
  • Multiple accidents
  • Youthful drivers with prior history

Celebrity or High Profile:

  • Individuals in the public eye
  • Professional athletes and coaches
  • Entertainers
  • CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies

Special Event

Big events can be a challenge, but Griffin has the coverage you need for single, multiple day, and quarterly events!  Our online quoting is a great option for last minute coverage – especially for 1 day events.  The longer the event, better pricing and market options may be available by submitting an application for review.

Product Features

  • General liability coverage and/or commercial liquor liability coverage available for events up to 10,000 attendees per day on most risks
  • Host liquor liability can be included with general liability on most risks
  • Limits up to $1,000,000/2,000,000 available online, higher limits available in-house
  • Minimum premiums as low as $250
  • Automatic coverage for volunteers, temporary or leased workers, and committee members
  • Food and beverage coverage provided
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Coverage for damage to rented premises
  • Property owner can be included as additional insured at no charge
  • Extra days for Set-up/Take-down often available at no charge
  • Rain date coverage available with one carrier
  • No deductible

Why Purchase Event Insurance?

  • Event insurance is often a requirement by the facility, park, auditorium and/or city where the event takes place
  • Exposures arising out of Special Events are commonly not covered by Homeowners or General Liability policy
  • Depending on the laws of your client’s state they may be held liable for:
    –  The actions of an intoxicated or underage person if liquor is served at the event
    –  Claims alleging “property damage,” “bodily injury,” or “medical payments” caused by negligent operations or activities

Eligible Risks

  • Indoor boat show
  • Festivals
  • Corn maze
  • Block party
  • Wedding
  • Beer tent/garden
  • Birthdays/Quinceaneras
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Holiday Party
  • Conventions
  • Exhibitions
  • Car wash
  • Sporting event
  • Christmas tree lot
  • U-Cut tree farm
  • Pancake breakfast
  • …and more!

Ineligible Risks

  • Mechanical Bull
  • Pool Party