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Best description of our agency can be summarized in 3 Words: Service, Service, Service.

What makes us different from other agencies?
It’s no surprise that like any business, Insurance companies will always be competing for your business. Some offer “low” rates others have very funny gimmicks in advertising, however we found that like any other business the key to success comes down to customer service.

We strive to offer our services with the outmost professionalism, respectful, knowledgeable, and most importantly dedicated and personal care for each and every one of our customers.

Why is it important to work with a dedicated Insurance agent?
When purchasing a product or service unlike most businesses it is rare to continue an ongoing relationship with the company or person that helped you with the sale.

Year after year We have the privilege to get to know you, your spouse, your family and we  will be with you during your accomplishments (when acquiring assets like buying a car or a house, for example) but also during financial stumbles (such as personal losses or claims against you).

What is our goal?
Our job is not to sell you an insurance policy, but to educate you on how to buy one. Our goal is to build a strong relationship of trust and open communication. We strive not just to gain your confidence but to keep it.

You’ve worked hard for what you’ve got! Our job is to help you give you the tools to help protect your hard-earned assets (current and future).

We will be with you every step of the way!

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    Prior work experience

    Family owned business (Grocery store and restaurant)

    … – 2003
    Growing up my family owned several small businesses and as part of the family you are expected to pitch in. I learned firsthand about business management and customer service skills.

    Wells Fargo Bank

    Teller 2003 – 2004
    Although I worked a few odd jobs here and there, my first financial job was at 21 years old with Wells Fargo Bank. As a teller you are the front lines for the banking institution; helping people with cash deposits, withdrawals, answering basic questions about their accounts, providing solutions and services such as: Money Orders, check orderings, cash advances, etc. A teller is expected to discover and offer potential services and products depending on the customer’s needs.

    Wells Fargo Bank

    Personal Banker 2003 – 2006
    Helping people open and manage checking, saving and credit line products and services including: Personal and Business Credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, Home equity loans, etc.
    Working in the banking industry taught me a lot about finance in general including how people conduct business, how people manage their funds and some of the benefits and pitfalls of investing and borrowing. It was an eye opener to see how money can work for you and how to best manage your assets.

    Nation Wide Home Lending

    Loan Officer 2006 – 2009
    With a finance background, I was recruited at the bank by the CEO of a highly successful lending firm. I was trained and worked as a loan officer helping first time home buyers with their very first purchase and others to refinance to either lower their monthly payments or cash out some of their equity.
    My main goal for working in the mortgage industry was to become as knowledgeable as possible to some day invest in real estate myself. I learned about how interest rates are compounded in a loan, how the loan is structured to pay off and what lenders check to approve someone for a loan.

    Farmers Insurance

    Insurance Agent 2009 – 2020
    Throughout the years I noticed the  need within the community in regard to the education and guidance in asset protection and investment opportunities; I partnered up with Farmers Insurance and launched a very successful agency were I received numerous production awards and bonuses as a reflection of the hard work and dedication to educating the community.
    Asset protection is key as part of wealth management I quickly learned the importance of not just building wealth but the ability to keep it in the event of a possible loss.
    Personal Agent of the year several years in a row.

    Chambers Bay Insurance/ InsuranceNW

    Insurance Broker 2020 – present
    It was an extremely hard decision to leave Farmers, but after a lot of research, looking at the numbers and the path I wanted to take my business it just made sense!
    From year one I achieved several awards and consequently multiple championships, topper clubs and being Personal Lines Agent of the year in my district several years in a row, I realized that I could put my talents into an agency that would allow me greater flexibility, competitiveness and amazing support!
    Through Chambers Bay I am able to offer a much wider array of insurance solutions to my customers, greater flexibility, better rates and overall better service.

    Trusted over 10 lakh people

    The name that people trust

    Direct Claim Settlement

    Direct Claim Settlement without intervention of TPA

    Best Support

    Comprehensive Support through our dedicated team

    Easy Claim

    Easy claim procedures with no hassle

    Save Your Money

    Host of discounts – No claim bonus, Discount for Automobile

    Instant Online Policy

    Instant online policy issuance, renewals and zero documentation


    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I know a lot of Insurance Agents that are very knowledgeable and good. Mario Reyes is the whole package. He does have a heart and offers to help you before getting into the selling platform. He understands struggle and he puts himself in somebody’s shoes all the time. He knows insurance and he intentionally cares. My family has been impressed with his amazing customer service. We will recommend forever!!! Thanks.
    I get the best prices and services
    Mario has been my insurance agent for many years and has always provided me with excellent service. Over the years, Mario has always responded to my questions and concerns with promptly, always helping me see how I can save on my policy premium. I am very grateful to him for his kindness, his attention and his professionalism. Mario is an excellent agent! Thank you so much!
    I have known Mario Reyes for about 5 or 6 years, he is my insurance agent, and I have not had any issues, every time I have called him to ask any questions he has always made himself available, I highly recommend him with confidence and his team!
    He is good person thanks Mario for your help
    I would call the name Mario Reyes a synonym of trust, always providing precise and correct information, He has always solved my doubts and has given me the best customer service. In short, Mario Reyes is a professional in the field.
    Quality. Mario is a great person; he supports you 100%.
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